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Digital technology is moving everywhere and impacting everyone. Despite its permeation, the conversations around digital technology’s innovation, consumption, and regulation remain largely homogeneous and remarkably exclusive. This led Cassi Carley and Justin Sherman to found Ethical Tech, a nonpartisan initiative at Duke University focusing on research, education, and policy development across all industries and socioeconomic groups.

By the time Cassi and Justin met in the spring of 2017, Cassi had already launched FUTURE, the Forum for Underrepresented Teens to Uncover Robotics and Ethics, and was launching the Tech Trust project to evaluate citizens’ perceptions of technology ethics. At that same time, Justin was launching Ethical Tech Journal, a nontechnical, general-audience publication dedicated entirely to technology ethics. Months of conversations and mini-projects ensued as the public demand for a technology ethics movement grew. Before long, they decided to combine their efforts.

In 2018, Ethical Tech was born.